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By Charles Stanley

Dr. Charles Stanley cuts through the mystique of wisdom and presents God’s simple plan to bless those who walk in His ways.

In Walking Wisely, bestselling author Dr. Charles Stanley reveals this simple fact: there are only two ways to journey through life…wisely or unwisely. Those walk wisely can expect to live a life of contentment and peace; a life overflowing with the confidence of God’s love and presence. Those who walk unwisely can expect a life of conflict, disappointment, and discontent. So if walking in wisdom has such strong benefits, why don’t more of us reap those benefits?  What are we missing?

With so many options, so many ideas about what is it means to live an abundant, fulfilling, rewarding, life, how can we be wise in our
decision-making, our relationships, and in setting our priorities?  The book of Proverbs boldly states that nothing we could possibly desire compares with the riches and worth of wisdom. The good news, according to Dr. Stanley, is that wisdom is something each of us an attain. To live wisely is to live with God’s point of view constantly in mind. Come to the pages of Walking Wisely and discover together with Dr. Stanley the secret of looking at life’s circumstances from god’s perspective and responding to those circumstances according to biblical principles. Reap the rewards of walking wisely and resting in God’s purpose for you.

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