Sunday, June 14, 2020

Volunteers Needed:

The Federal Credit Union Committee is very close to the completion of the business plan, however, we are in need of 6 volunteers, some for the supervisory committee and others for the credit committee.

  • The supervisory committee would be in charge of the overall audit of the credit union, and verification of accounts (making sure all accounts are true and accurate).
  • The credit committee approves and denies loans. At first, this committee will be the only ones that can approve and deny, but as the credit union gets bigger, the manager and eventually a loan officer will have this power.

If you have any interest or skills that would lend to these roles and would like to serve on either committee, please contact Victoria Goggans.

For more information on how you can support the federal credit union initiative and get updates on its progress, please contact, Victoria Goggans at, 317-890-2740 ext. 13.

MCC Wellness Support Group:

There is still an opportunity to join us for the weekly Wellness Support Groups. If you are still wanting to join these interactive support groups, visit our website and click on the Wellness Support Group tab.

Graduation Sunday:

We are celebrating Graduation Sunday, on Sunday, June 14th by acknowledging our graduates for their diligence in achieving their great accomplishment. Join us in this recognition, by clicking those likes, hearts, and leaving a positive comment in the chat, as we stream through Facebook, during that time!