Deacon Ministry

Our Mission: The duties of the deacons are to minister to the needs of the members of the congregation.  The diaconate is a ministry of service and support.  It is specifically commissioned to address the spiritual needs of the membership as relates to grief, illness, birth, death, crisis (i.e. tragedies, accidents, legal dilemmas, incarcerations, etc.), and other similar ministry to the church body as needs occur, but in cooperation with the pastor (Acts 6:2-4).

Not everyone can perform the sensitive ministry that the diaconate may require.  However,  there are certain basic biblical qualifications that must be evident for one to be a part of this critical ministry in the church.  As is the case with the other areas of ministry in this church, the diaconate is not considered a “board” with some special organizational power.  They are servants of the church.  They don’t give orders to the church; they receive instructions from the pastor and the church.  “They should never arrogate to themselves any authority for running the church.  Their greatest service to the church will usually be found in their assistance to the pastor.”

The biblical references to this ministry’s operation are found in Acts 6:1-7 as well as 1 Timothy 3:8-13.  Additionally, they must be committed to tithing (Malachi  3:8-10), given to consistent attendance at worship and church prayer, and living a dedicated Christian life that is sensitive to the operation and function of our church.

So that this ministry may function in it’s highest capacity each deacon is committed to serving a delegated population of this congregation.  We have divided our congregation into an alpha series.  The following is designed to inform this membership which deacon is their initial contact person in time of need, emergency or crisis.