Biography of Dr. Theron D. Williams I

For more than 30 years, Dr. Theron D. Williams has been the Pastor of the Mt. Carmel Church of Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Williams was born in Detroit, Michigan. He is the fourth of eight siblings. He attended the Detroit Public School System and is a graduate of Murray Wright High School. Dr. Williams is an alumnus of Virginia Union University and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor, School of Theology at Virginia Union, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Divinity degree, respectively. Dr. Williams is also an alumnus of The Chicago Theological Seminary, receiving a Doctor of Ministry Degree.

While a student at Virginia Union University, Dr. Williams was elected Pastor of the Angel Visit Baptist Church of Dunnsville, Virginia. During his brief pastorate at Angel Visit, he moved the church from a part-time church (holding worship services twice per month) to a full-time church. Angel Visit Church grew phenomenally under Dr. Williams’ leadership. In 1987 the people of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, of Indianapolis, Indiana, extended him the call to lead its congregation. Under Dr. Williams’ dynamic pastorate, Mt. Carmel has experienced an incredible transformation and exponential growth, numerically, spiritually, organically, and financially. Mt. Carmel has grown from under 200 members to more than 2,500 members, with matching financial growth.


Dr. Williams is the founder and president of The Bible is Black History Institute, LLC.  Its mission is to educate communities of African descent of their biblical heritage.  Dr. Williams is the author of 12 books, including The Bible is Black History, TheBible is Black History Personal Workbook, The Bible is Black History Children’s Edition, The Bible Alphabet Book for Children, The Bible is Black History Children’s Activity Book, The Bible is Black History: Young Heroes of the Bible and The Bible is Black History: Great Women of the Bible. The Bible is Black History Institute, LLC. 


Dr. Williams has led this multimillion-dollar ministry to complete three major building projects and extensive facility renovation campaigns. Dr. Williams led Mt. Carmel in the construction of a family life center. This center accommodated a high school regulation-size gymnasium that was used for other church/community purposes, including a theater, banquet facility, and fellowship hall. It also included youth Christian Education classrooms, a preschool, administrative offices, and a commercial kitchen.

The church outgrew this facility and relocated its ministry to the Far East Side of Indianapolis. At this location, the church purchased an Indianapolis Public School building. This facility is 125,000 square feet with every appropriate amenity. Mt. Carmel opened the Mt. Carmel Christian Academy. This Academy is a private Christian school serving kindergarten through grade six. The average school attendance is 300 students per year. It is one of the few state-accredited Christian schools. To this facility, a 1,000-seat sanctuary was added. Because of the increasing growth, the church purchased 20 additional acres and constructed its present worship center.

Mt. Carmel has 25 highly functioning ministries. Mt. Carmel’s Christian Education Ministry includes a full-time state-accredited Christian School; Mt. Carmel Bible Academy that offers eight college-level biblical education courses. Students who complete the program are awarded certificates of completion along with accredited continuing education units.

Mt. Carmel Church is located in the Far Eastside of Indianapolis, a disadvantaged section of the city. This area of Indianapolis is beset with several serious issues to which the Mt. Carmel Community Development Corporation is currently responding by designing four community-enhancing initiatives. The four initiatives are as follows; a community farm and farmers’ market to provide fresh produce to the community; also a grocery store to eliminate the food desert; a federal credit union to combat predatory lending by payday-loan business and an all-boys charter high school.

Dr. Williams is the author of 4 additional books as follows; A Practical Strategy for Retaining Church Members; Knowing the Peace of God; The Faith Challenge; and Becoming an Anointed Man of God.

Dr. Williams is in demand as a proclaimer of the gospel of Jesus Christ across the country and the Caribbean. Dr. Williams is a father and grandfather.