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MCC Wellness Support Groups

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    As a participant of the Mt. Carmel Church (MCC) Support Group Discussion, I understand that I may have access to confidential information, both verbal and written, relating to our brothers and sisters in Christ who join this ministry. I understand, and agree, that all such information is to be treated confidentially and discussed only within the boundaries of my participation in this ministry. I also agree not to discuss these same matters after I am no longer participating in this ministry. I further understand that breach of this agreement shall constitute grounds for and may result in dismissal of my participation with this ministry. Two exceptions you should know about: 1. If you suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection. 2. If someone declares a plan to harm him/herself or another person.. ***Your registration indicates your acceptance and agreement with the terms outlined above.***
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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant challenges for those infected with the virus, as well as their family members and countless healthcare professionals now working extended hours.  In addition to those physically affected, the extended quarantine and business closures have also caused substantial mental and psychological challenges for many individuals who have lost their employment, been isolated from friends and family, or are now forced to e-learn away from teachers and classmates.

In an effort to help manage the changing personal and professional landscape, we would like to provide a support structure or outlet to help members, family, and friends cope with this new reality.  Therefore, we are forming discussion groups to give individuals an opportunity to connect with fellow church members.  During these discussions, members can communicate success stories and challenges in a safe environment, as well as get information on resources available to help manage issues.

Discussion Topics

The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) has published twenty toolkits to help employers and individuals cope with many of the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  These overviews can be used as “conversation starters” for facilitators to begin and guide their discussions. Suggested topics are:

Session 1
  • Week 1 – Discussion: “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok – Managing Grief”
  • Week 2 – Discussion: “Financial Wellbeing”
  • Week 3 – Discussion: “Social Distancing and Connection Care – Staying Connected”
  • Week 4 – Discussion: “Managing Expectations – At Work and Home”
Session 2
  • Week 5 – Discussion: “Nutritious Food”
  • Week 6 – Discussion: “Physical Activity At Home – How To Stay Active”
  • Week 7 – Discussion: “Rest and Play – Getting Proper Rest During This Time”
  • Week 8 – Discussion: “Gratitude – “What’s Going Well?”

There is a maximum of 10-12 members per group. Each participant must register to participate in a group within their age range. Members will attend the same group each week. Each group will have one discussion per week, lasting an hour for a pilot of 4 weeks (Session 1). We will gather feedback to ensure quality groups and then continue with the following sessions.